Month: August 2011

New Linux Autotyper

Hey guys, its been awhile but I didn’t find much worth mentioning, and I wanted to surprise you with the unfinished stuff. So here it is; i finally found a windows pc, and I am now back on developing the windows autotyper. the next version’s features will include opening/saving text files for ease of use, a complete GUI revamp, and all the dead links, and bad references will also be fixed.  I kinda went slack on that a while back and now im fixing it. When I release the next version of the windows autotyper, I will probably get around to fixing its page on my site as well.

The new linux autotyper is out here also! It now looks the same as it did when you closed it, (linux simply did a settings() thing, but for windows this took forever. hmmm….) It also can open text files into the listbox for ease of use. a line in the text file equates an item in the listbox. The new release also features a few bug fixes and other small stuff. It also can check for updates if you tell it to. Here is the link to the linux autotyper download;


here is the link to the autotyper page on my site (with screenshots, and more info)


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how to use any autotyper and not get detected

It is impossible to make an autotyper that can’t get caught, because the users are the ones who tell RuneScape that someone is spamming. If you can fool the average runescape user about your humanness then you won’t get banned. If you manage to get the lvl 12 noob to report you, there are some serious problems. So, to help you guys from getting banned, I have compiled a few tips and tricks to keep yourself from getting banned.


First, don’t have the typing rate at ridiculously high. if you are sending a long message over and over at 2 seconds a message, people will catch on to you using a bot. Instead, try setting it to a more reasonable typing speed, like setting it up so it types about as fast as you do.

Second, don’t make the message have perfect spelling every time. Add a few messages in there with small typos that don’t ruin the message, but also make it seem like you are human. I’m planning on a feature in my autotyper that would do this automatically for you.

Third, stay in the room with the computer that is running the autotyper. If some one has a question and is persistent, you will be able to answer it. it will also let other users know that there is someone there who is sending the messages, so they won’t report you.

Last, don’t advertise things out-of-game. Website addresses,  bot sites, etc are all against the game rules and make it pretty obvious that you are not doing anything legal. try to keep it to things that are actually part of the game.


That’s all the tips I have for you. good luck using your autotyper!

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