Hey guys, its been awhile but I didn’t find much worth mentioning, and I wanted to surprise you with the unfinished stuff. So here it is; i finally found a windows pc, and I am now back on developing the windows autotyper. the next version’s features will include opening/saving text files for ease of use, a complete GUI revamp, and all the dead links, and bad references will also be fixed.  I kinda went slack on that a while back and now im fixing it. When I release the next version of the windows autotyper, I will probably get around to fixing its page on my site as well.

The new linux autotyper is out here also! It now looks the same as it did when you closed it, (linux simply did a settings() thing, but for windows this took forever. hmmm….) It also can open text files into the listbox for ease of use. a line in the text file equates an item in the listbox. The new release also features a few bug fixes and other small stuff. It also can check for updates if you tell it to. Here is the link to the linux autotyper download;


here is the link to the autotyper page on my site (with screenshots, and more info)