So, there i was, happily browsing the internet and not actually caring about what was going on at my website. For almost a year, maybe two, or three. Then! Suddenly 000webhost, my old host, decided it was time to overhaul their old cpanel. They claimed it hadn’t changed in almost ten years. Forever in internet time. So they sent me an email about it. I didn’t actually care too much about it; at least not until i read their email completely and found out the process involved backing up my website and then restoring it to the new control panel.

It wasn’t actually that big of a deal, it just meant i needed to spend some time on my website and make sure it was all working as it should. Problems arose when i was never able to access the new control panel (they claimed the new and the old would run seamlessly together, but it didn’t). Also, as a free webhost, stuff like ftp backups and php scripts had strict file size limits and time limits too. So, i switched to an inexpensive webhost, paid for four years, and got a real domain while I was at it.

I also spent a week trying to find a good migration plugin, that worked within my old hosts limits and also did all the things i needed it to do. (Half of them don’t even support restoring from backups they create!) I felt really stupid when I noticed the built-in export function that wordpress has.

It should all be here now, if you notice something off send me an email at or post a comment. They all go straight to my personal email and i check that hourly.

Shout out to, they’ve hosted my old domain since february 2011, and did a fantastic job of it. I’m using their new paid domains and have high hopes for the next four years with them.