I am a computer hobbyist. That statement sums up everything else I am about to tell you, but I figure some details might be of interest for those reading.

My favorite activity is sitting in front of my computer, doing whatever comes to mind. I have recently been working on the linux version of my autotyper. You can check it out on sourceforge if you want. But just because i have been working on my autotyper does not mean that i dont do anything else. far from it, i can model, i know php and html. I also do cubescript, vb6 and gambas.

I learned vb6 almost two years ago when I had found it in an old metal cabinet in my house. Apparently my dad had got it, and never really used it. I started messing around, and got some of his old vb6 books to teach me. I made a few small programs, and some i still have. Then i was looking for a good runescape autotyper on youtube, and one video showed me how to make my own. after that i couldn’t stop working on my autotyper, and it is now one very brilliant runescape autotyper. its also open source. then i kinda just left the project for awhile. My computer broke down and i had to completely reformat windows. I got my computer for free, and the windows disk never came with it so i completely switched to linux. after that i messed with gambas a little while but never got into it. finally i decided to make my autotyper for linux, and you have what you see on sourceforge, a linux and windows autotyper, the windows one more advanced than the linux one.

I learned cubescript when i found platinum arts sandbox. I was enthralled with the ability to make games by adding/deleting cubes and coding certain things in the game to do other things. My younger siblings still enjoy playing with it, it entertains them a lot. I got bored with not being able to make real games (sandbox does not have guns or violence, its why the younger kids are allowed to play it.) I found cube2, and liked it,, but it ran to slow on my pc so i left it also. Then when i was hanging around on IRC in the sandbox channel, q66 showed me cubecreate. the thing that got me with cubecreate was its size, and the fact that it used lua instead of cubecreate. cubecreate ran a lot smoother on my pc, and since lua is a much more dextrous language, it was also possible to make a game type with it, as opposed to just a game. in sandbox i could make a small game. with cubecreate i could make an rpg for others to make games with. cubecreate died, but from its ashes came octaforge, which i am now making IntrepidZ with. Its a FOSS zombie game for those who just cant get enough zombies as is.

I learned php / html when i started making the site for my autotyper. (i needed a place to show it off online and share it) I made a site on wordpress.com, and got bored with its restrictions. I switched to cwahi.net (which i still recommend for any new website owner) but decided that only having a free subdomain on their site was not enough. So i got dageek247.tk and started using the 20x.cc host, because they had an amazing amount of features. 20x.cc died, and you have me here, on this website. you can actually visit my very first site if you want, but it has very little purpose except for sending you to dead links and for sentimental reasons. here’s the link; //mygeek247.wordpress.com/

so there you have it, my computer adventures in a nutshell. tell me if you have any questions and i will answer them for you to the best of my ability.