Hey guys, sorry about the outage, but my host (20x.cc) disappeared. no nameservers, no site, no admin. its like it was all shut down, and it hasn’t come up after almost a month now. I tried waiting for it to come back, and it didn’t. So just like that i have to completely remake the site, again. I have a few basic plugins and a new theme set up, but that’s about it. I will add old content sooner than later when i can.

Also, the comments can no longer get spam at all. It does this by putting an encrypted code in the form, that you simply need to copy / paste. I have no idea why it works, i just know it does. The description mentioned something about ‘double encription’ but i am not sure exactly why it all worked. I just know it does. 😉 spambots, you are hated.

For those who came here from sourceforge.net; yes i am the DaGeek247 who made the autotyper for linux / windows.  Yes, i normally would have more info about it here, but because my site just disappeared (along with thousands of other peoples sites hosted by 20x.cc) I have almost no content to give right now. You can email me at imageek247@gmail.com for help, or you can comment on this post and i will try to reply within 24 hours.

For those of you who somehow heard that im the DaGeek247 of IntrepidZ and can model, that is also true. I am a co-founder of the IntrepidZ project, and can probably answer your questions about that as well.

I recently found out that someone by the nick of “DaGeek247” is on reddit.  That is NOT me. He stole my name, and should give it back. I found out his existance recently in IRC. turns out he owes money to a guy who frequents #ubuntu-offtopic on freenode.

For the others who just came here to read a blog, your gonna have to wait for my next post. It’ll be an about me post where i can give you the wonderful details of my computer interests.