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SMBC Comic Challenge

So, on one of my favorite web comics I read this. The comic is about a an application a person created. The application, dubbed “Conception Connection” takes your birthday, and tells you what events may have aroused you parents when they conceived you. It makes for a great little joke at the end.

Now here is where I come in. At the end of the comic there is a red dot. If you mouse over this dot you will see the text “50 internet points to whoever makes it!”. Being challenged thus, I could not refuse and I created this. It is one of the things I am more proud of, because not only does it work, it looks good doing it. Needless to say, I am very happy with the way it turned out.

You can see the source code for the main script over here, highlighted and looking pretty. Once it has your birthday, it goes over to On This Day and takes the events they have so wonderfully made available for us. It then parses the correct html and makes it available similar to the way shown in the comic. However, the script has to go through about forty different pages looking for events that mach the date correctly, so it takes a lot of bandwidth.

That is why I emailed the owners of On This Day, and asked permission to leave it up and make available for everyone else. To my utter delight, they replied and said it was perfectly fine as long as I put a link to their website on it. Here’s the proof.

I hope you guys enjoy messing with my new toy, I know it was a lot of fun making it. I also know it’s been a little while since I posted anything worthwhile, but I do have other project ideas percolating in my head, one of which I have already started on.  Until then, I wish you all a good morning.

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Site Issues

Hey guys, guess what happened?


I don’t know either. I think what happened to my site was the host (which I would still recommend) stopped my site from taking to much processor on their shared hosting. I understand. If I had a server, I wouldn’t want anyone taking more then his fair share either.


I think the processor hogging was caused by somebody stealing my WordPress password, or to many spam bots. whatever, I changed my passwords and added some security plugins, so it should be okay.

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WordPress Update

Today, I decided to update to the newest WordPress installation. Thank goodness for backups.

Basically, I clicked “Update Now”, and it didn’t work. I had to download the new installation of WordPress, and restore all my changed settings, and do the backup. That’s why my site was down for the most part of an afternoon.

I also was notified about my not having proper instructions on setting up my Linux autotyper. Oops! I will have that fixed fairly soon. Until then, go backup your site! 🙂

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