And I had, to my absolute delight, the chance to install it on an asus netbook, and try it out. I also had, to my tentative enjoyment, to test it out on my desktop.

Let me explain, the new ubuntu 11.10 now uses unity as its default interface. why is that bad and good? It was originally made for netbooks, and as such it looked great on the netbook. But, its new sidebar was terrible on the desktop. Worse, the sidebar can’t be moved according to this, and my messing around with it failed to change that. Other than that, the new default unity interface is great, and ubuntu 11.10 is great also.

When i installed it on the netbook and looked around, i was thrilled everywhere i went. The new interface, (i always used the main ubuntu for the netbook, even though there is a netbook version) has me feeling right at home. If you have a 16:3 desktop screen, 11.10 will only make you happy. If you have a 4:3 desktop screen (like me) Unity will annoy, but it won’t hurt you, and its always fun to mess with a new OS.

So, I recommend everyone to go check it out. (Try to use the torrent if you can to alleviate some of the load on the servers)