I love Linux, and I love fedora and Ubuntu. they are my favorite distros. Lately, however, they haven’t been doing as good as they can. In a previous post i talked about Ubuntu 11.10 and unity. Unity didn’t turn out as well as it could, but after some research, i found i was able to simply impermanently hide the side bar and use docky instead.

This time, my rant is not about fedora itself, but my computer and its limitations along with Fedora’s hardware needs. The default gnome3 fedora spin is not able to install on my computer, and its because i need 256MB more RAM. Normally, linux is supposed to be less resource intensive, but this is not the case with F16. It takes 756MB ram to install the fedora 16 gnome spin, and I only have 512MB. However, I was able to look at the desktop on the livecd, and see, how promising it looks, for computers that could handle it. Maybe when I get more RAM, it will get better.

In any case, I hope everyone who can run fedora 16 enjoys it.  Have fun with Linux!